APL Cartons (Pty) Ltd is supportive of and committed to the principle of transformation as highlighted in the corporate goals of the company.
APL Cartons (Pty) Ltd has a unique and sincere approach to BEE and is currently a Level 1. As part of this commitment, APL Employee Trust was established in 2006. This meant that APL Cartons’ employees became owners of their very own transport company.
Another big focus area is skills development where we train employees to equip themselves for future opportunities within the company. Additionally, APL Cartons has a yearly take-on of between 20 to 25 learnerships to empower these learners with better opportunities within the job market. More recently, the company has teamed up with the Youth Employment Services (YES), that was gazetted by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), whereby unemployed youth are given a dignified first chance at employment which equips them with a toolkit to be a beacon of hope for their families, households and communities.
Being mindful of our history of land dispossession, APL Cartons and its shareholders have undertaken to bring about transformation in land ownership patterns to increase black ownership of agricultural land. For this reason, we engaged the government to ensure that the necessary funds are available for farmland transformation. APL Cartons received agency status from the Department of Land Affairs. Furthermore, the company endorses the National Development Plan and actively supports shareholders to achieve their transformation targets.